President Donald Trump offered some controversial statements again, so CNN’s Chris Cuomo had political foes Symone Sanders and Jeffrey Lord on today for a brand new sparring match …  I mean, debate.

Recently, Trump wondered if America could’ve avoided the Civil War if former president Andrew Jackson lived long enough to prevent it somehow. When Cuomo asked Lord to react to this, he responded that the reaction to Trump answering questions was “way overblown.”

Sanders brought up slavery’s relevance to the Civil War, and Cuomo asked Lord why Trump constantly needs to double down whenever he says things that are demonstrably untrue. Lord said that “[Trump] doesn’t agree that what you’re saying is fact,” and Sanders jumped in retorting that, “facts are not debatable!”

The debate continued with Cuomo and Lord going back and forth about Trump’s ongoing conflict with the intelligence communities, Russian interference in the election, and whether Trump Tower was ever wiretapped. Sanders opined that Trump is still not used to having his words put under constant scrutiny, and that maybe he doesn’t care about the impact they have.