By Tommy Christopher

Donald Trump’s white supremacist-defending meltdown Tuesday figures to dominate the news until the next Trump-tastrophe hits, and early indications are that we will all be “treated” to cable news panels in which various Trump flacks spout nonsense and are summarily shot down by someone with some damn sense in their heads.

That was the scene on Wednesday morning’s edition of CNN’s “New Day,” as “National Diversity Coalition for Trump” head Bruce LeVell showed up to try to lie his way through a segment with host Chris Cuomo and contributor Symone Sanders.

LeVell got a couple of minutes into his parroting of Trump talking points before Sanders reclaimed her time and smashed that nonsense to bits:

LEVELL: There’s still an ongoing investigation into terms of interviewing the witnesses, interviewing the people who were arrested. There might be other groups that are associated with this. It is true that a lot of people showed up with intent to disrupt this rally, to bring havoc, all different sides of the groups that were wanting to create mass pandemonium and to create harm. They showed up in shields, they showed up with bats, they showed up in riot gear…

SANDERS: Showed up in Nazi symbols…

LEVELL: Excuse me, Symone, I’m speaking. I never interrupted you —

SANDERS: I think it’s laughable that folks think, in the morning, we can just speak unfettered for seven minutes as though no one’s going to be interrupted on a soliloquy. Folks showed up with Nazi symbols on their arms, they showed up with with swastikas, they showed up bearing the Confederate flag. And only one side killed someone on Saturday. So I want to be clear, that side is the white supremacist side.

After Cuomo stepped in to remind LeVell that Nazis are, in fact, not the same as people protesting Nazis, LeVell tried a new tactic, throwing out some gibberish about the “alt-left, right, up, down, and all around.”

Sanders stopped him dead in his tracks: